Fleabag is the Woman We Need in TV

Fleabag, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is the contemporary heroine that we need. Us who are afraid of men being inappropriate, us who are told to smile, who get our headphones ignored. We, the women-folk. We, the womyn-folk. She takes no shit. She is unafraid. She is a sexual creature. She is completely unprofessional. She is a horrible human. She is crying out.


Fleabag is a devastating and funny show on Amazon Prime. It’s got equal parts vicious humor and sadness that strikes you like a white walker beyond the wall. She is the champion of her own destiny, she is a well rounded character while her fellow castmates are not. The show isn’t called Fleabag and friends, it’s just supposed to be about her. Just like your life. You’re the most interesting person in your life, the one you care about.

That’s how Fleabag rolls. She has to deal with relationships with her father, step-mother, sister, boyfriend, customers, and a guinea pig. She gives you insults, breaks the fourth wall, raises her eyebrows at you, gives you the feeling that you’re her invisible friend. Not in the over-the-top way that Frank Underwood does it in House of Cards, though. This is faster and totally melted together so that you don’t know what’s hitting you.

There’s a whole episode in which she watches men shout profanities at women and she is not deterred by that.

To tell you about the show is to ruin the show. To tell you that it is required watching would put you off it. It’s simply compelling. It’s life, in all the glory and heartbreak there is.

The show touches on so much and says little but makes you feel oh-so-hollow on the inside. Fleabag is one of the best shows out there this season. Six episodes is not enough but I’m glad it’s limited. We wouldn’t want Fleabag to outstay her welcome.

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