RER Recommends: Some Rap/Hip Hop Songs That Aren’t So Bad

Rap (and most of hip hop) has never struck me as an art but rather as an irritatingly fast jumble of words uttered by people who normally don’t strike me as wordsmiths. On occasion, a rap song will grab me. After some analysis, though, it would appear that those songs in question contain an element of singing that I find particularly enjoyable, which makes them closer to hip hop.

This song, with Patsy Cline singing and Kid Cudi rapping and singing, is a masterpiece of stitching and producing. Sure, you could say that Jay-Z (or Jays as the white hairs call him) song “Young Forever” did a good or better job but then you’d be missing the point of me saying Patsy Cline’s voice is in “She Came Along”. Her voice is heavenly compared to Cudi’s lyrics about threesomes. The fact that my mother loves this song should tell you that it’s as good as Kix (kid tested, mother approved).

“Sunrise” by Childish Gambino has the clapping that makes me forget the use of the N word. The lyrics of this rap song are hilarious which makes it so much better than your run of the mill Lil Wayne song. You can’t go wrong with a NPR reference!

Like I wasn’t going to throw in Die Antwoord. Surely you know me better than that by now. Check out our other posts about this South African group that is making the rounds.

“All of the Lights” made me love Kanye West. Until I realized that the song is barely his since so many other rappers and performers are involved in this song and his album as a whole. Then I remembered he is a jerk and I can only really back him up on this song.

This song is hardly a rap song but it is very fast paced and I love it all the more. Jacques Brel is Alive and Well in Paris is an amazing album that everyone should listen to at least once.

Do you have any hip hop or rap songs that are simply a “must-listen”?

2 thoughts on “RER Recommends: Some Rap/Hip Hop Songs That Aren’t So Bad

  1. Speaking of Kid Cudi-

    Check out this song called “Erase Me” ft Kanye. Love love the video. Has a whole 70’s feel to it (hence the Jimi Hendrix/Beatles look-a-likes)

    This is a good one too, I think it’s sampled by “The Funeral” by Band of Horses

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