Celeste and Jesse Forever

There really should be a more accurate genre for movies like this, because ‘comedy-drama’ doesn’t suit Celeste and Jesse Forever at all. Sure, there are some parts that are dramatic, and some parts that are humorous, but it’s more like the mirror version of a romantic comedy–by which I mean that they already skipped the movie that had to do with how these two best friends started dating. That movie would have been cute and quirky, but ultimately uninteresting. Celeste and Jesse Forever is like the sequel to the rom-com that never existed, as they’re now two best friends going through divorce.

The movie follows mostly Rashida Jones’ character Celeste as the BFFs start to move on with their lives and begin dealing with the pain they’ve hiding for so long. These anti-romance movies deal with the far more true-to-life situations that are far more likely to happen in people’s lives, like the awkward social interactions, friend-of-a-friend rumor mill, and trying to cope with the heartache while trying to move on. But this movie has its more lighthearted moments to keep you from sobbing, quirky comedy strewn throughout. Andy Samberg is great, and so is Elijah Wood and the rest of the supporting cast that I didn’t bother to look up who they were. But I was impressed most of all by…

Rashida Jones’ eyebrows. To me, that’s where most of the magic comes from. Seriously, check out those brows. They can express more emotion that Kristen Stewart could do in a lifetime with her quivering lips and buckteeth.

I’m a fan of these kinds of movies, like 500 Days of Summer, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Like Crazy, and Match Point. So I’m definitely adding this one to my collection, and I suggest you see it while you still can in theatres, or check it out when it comes to a Red Box near you!

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