The Binding of Isaac

I’ve always loved horror games, but I’ve always been too chicken to play the vast majority of them that are out there because they’re just too scary for someone who gets into video games as much as I do. The Binding of Isaac is the perfect horror game for someone who loves the genre, but just can’t muster the nerve to get through some truly terrifying ones (like Amnesia… yeesh!). The game centers around the fable of Isaac, retold in a more gruesome fashion. You play, of course, as the young boy named Isaac, who has a happy life until his mother hears the voice of God and must show her devotion to Him by sacrificing her son. Isaac escapes into the basement, only to find that more horrifying things lurk below…

The game itself is simple, you run around the basement/cave/depths while fighting the randomly generated monsters in the rooms. Every room is random, so one playthrough will always be different from the next, and with over a hundred powerups to collect the game stays very interesting. The controls are simple, but do take some practice as you move with WASD and throw your tears with the arrow buttons at the enemies.

The game also has a very retro feel to it as its pretty much set up in the NES Legend of Zelda dungeon style, complete with having to bomb certain walls to reveal secret rooms. And you also can’t go wrong when Danny Baranowsky composes the soundtrack to a game.

The best thing about this game? It’s less than five bucks, so it’s definitely worth checking out on Steam!

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