Must Listen: The Last Bison

How can a song sound so familiar and yet you know that you haven’t heard it before? The Last Bison’s “Switzerland” is one of those songs, off their debut album Quill. Yes, it’s a seven piece band and yes, they are in the same vicinity that Mumford and SonsFleet Foxes, Trails and Ways, and Arcade Fire hang out in, with maybe a bit more banjo. Maybe they could really hang out and make a Super Duper Group. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What makes it all the better is that these guys are (almost!) local, being from Chesapeake, VA, and are now touring with another great musician, Kishi Bashi, whom we have featured before.

Buy their songs on their Bandcamp and Like them on Facebook.

The harmonies on “The Woodcutter’s Son” are really great. The lyrics recall this Modest Mouse song, but only a little.

The video for “Switzerland” is pretty fantastic.

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