Harry’s Nude-Colored Pants

Britain may have just had its day in the sun with the Olympics and all but the skies for the Royal family are now overcast with little brother Harry having some fun in a hotel room, naked. According to TMZ, which we know is a legitimate news source (ha), Harry was playing strip-pool in a very expensive room at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas with some girls who he hardly knew. Because princes never do that.

I wonder if he thought the matter would stay in Vegas?

Let’s let the guy who lives in his brother’s shadow for 98% of the time have his fun. It’s not like he released a sex tape. Or showed up in a Nazi uniform to a friend’s birthday party. Obviously, he is a confused soon-to-be 28-year-old.

See the very blurry (but confirmed) nude pictures of Prince Harry here.

What's your response?

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