Nicki Minaj for American Idol Judge? She won’t get my vote.

It has been reported that there is a possibility that Nicki Minaj will join Mariah Carey and possibly Enrique Iglesias as an American Idol judge.

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Who doesn’t belong?” Correctly select the AI judge that does not fit in the panel.

A. Steven Tyler

B. Randy Jackson

C. NICKI MINAJ (Hint, hint)

D. Mariah Carey

E. Enrique Iglesias

If you selected Nicki Minaj, congrats! No prizes available, but you understand the stupidity behind this possible opportunity. Nick Minaj is not an eligible candidate to be an American Idol Host. The female rapper/pop disaster (look, even I can rhyme) should not be given the opportunity to critique potential artists. Unless, of course, Ryan Seacrest and American Idol decide to make all of the contestants wear flashy wigs and get implants, then maybe, just maybe, she would be a terrific judge.

Bottom line- Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias and Steven Tyler are respected artists by almost every generation. Their expertise and sharp knowledge regarding the music industry has lead them to having fantastic careers, inspiring young artists everywhere to pursue their dreams. Now I’m not saying that Ms. Minaj has a horrible voice, but I for one would be incredibly insulted if I auditioned for American Idol and got rejected by Nicki Minaj, the “barbie” that talks about how big her ass is in most of her songs.

It. Just. Isn’t. Right.

Anyone with me?

What's your response?

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