Exclusive Interview with Cinnamon Girl + “Devil in Me” Remix!

A few days ago we introduced you to Cinnamon Girl–an emerging pop artist based in the UK. We’ve been full-on head spinning around, pea-soup vomiting possessed by her song “Devil in Me” and needed to know everything there was to know about its creator. Thankfully, she obliged us and agreed to an interview. FYI: She’s from Europe and we’re not changing her spelling. We’re convinced you’ll live.

Bonus: scroll down for the Robots with Rayguns remix of “Devil in Me”!

Rhyme et Reason: If your music were a color, which would it be?  

Cinnamon Girl: It’s impossible to just pick one! Can I make it some kind of pulsating neon rainbow thing you might see at a fairground instead? I want all the colours. I’m greedy.


RetR: Why “Cinnamon Girl”?

CG: I wanted something that sounded like a super hero. Although I do realise ‘Cinnamon’ is a pretty abstract super power. Don’t know what she’d actually do, other than be slightly spicy. I probably had the Neil Young song title floating around in the back of my brain, but it was never intentional.


RetR: Who are some of your biggest influences? In the stuff we’ve listened to, we think your music sounds a bit like the Ting Tings, Berlin (by which we mean a huge compliment) and even the Jackson 5/five/5ive. How would you describe your sound and style?

CG: I honestly don’t think I sound like any of the above. There’s definitely some 80’s electro and 90’s dance in there, plus a bit of punk and grunge, but I find it hard to pin point particular acts. It feels really strange to attempt to analyse yourself like that. I’ll leave that up to you! 


RetR: You’re a relative newcomer to the pop music scene, especially to us over in the U.S, so how did you get started? I read somewhere that you are from Denmark. Is that so? What inspired the move to the UK? (If I’m not being too prying.)

CG: I’ve been writing music since I was a kid, but I’m very new to the pop scene indeed. The U.S actually caught on first. I’ve had so many amazing messages from people in America. You guys tend to really nurture female artists. I moved to the UK primarily to make music, I also studied Performance at university here.


RetR: Tell us about your debut singles “FRIENDS” and  “Devil in Me”! “Devil in Me” is particularly mental. It’s playing on repeat in my head nonstop. So, what (and or who) inspired you to write and record the songs?  What do you want us to know about them?  

CG: I love that you think it’s mental! It’s extremely flattering that people are referring to the tracks as ‘singles’. They’re literally just home demos I put up online accompanied by videos made with a bunch of my friends on zero budget. It’s all written and recorded by me in my tiny home studio. I’ve been so lucky that people have picked up on it, and I feel very grateful for all of the attention. Everything I write is inspired by life events. I like to set myself new writing challenges all the time.


RetR: Can we expect an EP? A full album? Will you release it in the U.S.? (Or tease like everyone else in the UK?)

CG: I hope to do all of the above in the future (minus the teasing). It is such early days yet.


RetR: And lastly, any plans to come to Baltimore?

CG: Is that an invitation? If so, yes please! I’d like to see the whole world, Baltimore included.

Our interview with Cinnamon Girl was a real treat. (I can’t help myself). We’re huge fans of her DIY “demos.” Her songs are among the best pop has to offer and we are certain that there are big things in store. Whether or not she sounds like someone you know, she’ll soon be someone you love.  We look forward to seeing what’s coming! (And for god’s sake, let’s get her to Baltimore!)

Looks like we’ll be waiting a minute or two for new material but that’s just fine when you’ve got stuff like this. Check out the Robots With Rayguns remix of “Devil In Me”!

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