Muse’s “Madness” is not one step beyond


Photographer: Hans-Peter Van Velthoven by MuseAdmin Gallery: Wembley Stadium September 2010 (Saturday) Gig: Wembley Stadium, London, UK Location: Location
Photographer: Hans-Peter Van Velthoven


We want to be blown away by awesomeness. Muse has released their first “official” single called “Madness” – which makes me want them to work with Madness, an iconic British ska and rock band, and create something totally crazy. Instead, we get something decidedly less crazy and less awesome.

Their video for the M M M M Madness should be coming out soon. It isn’t as “epic” as “Survival”, which is actually refreshing. If epic means repeating yourself senselessly, I don’t want the album to have epic songs. Rather, bring back  the epic-ness of “Knights of Cydonia”!

There’s more solo guitar and repeating of the word ‘madness’. From what  has been put out so far, I’m really hoping that they haven’t bored themselves (and us!)
to tears and will have something really awesome or perhaps even political to say, in the way that they were headed with Resistance.

Gone are the days of Black Holes and Revelations and Absolution and apparently they’re just riding this easy wave of popularity. Even Resistance had some good songs on it, while the rest seemed to be filler. Perhaps we should just all blame Kate Hudson?

And maybe it IS too soon to tell. Prove me wrong, Muse.

While you’re at it, allow us Americans to watch all of your official videos from Absolution. We’re not all on your side of the pond!

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