Lana Del Rey’s Full H&M Campaign Just Revealed

(Photography by Inez & Vindooh; Images care of H&M)

The complete range of images for Lana Del Rey‘s Autumn 2012 campaign for Swedish über retailer H&M have just been released and god are they good!  Naturally the lips are big. But the hair is even bigger–certainly “beauty queen style.”

The retro-styled collection is equal parts pretty and polished. Per the trend, floral prints are everywhere even in fall. You’ll see blooms on tops (see above) and bottoms (see below), but they’re done a bit abstractly and feature rich warm colors.

H&M was clearly “inspired” by that ubiquitous Acne mint green sweater.

The wool looking (WHO KNOWS what it’s made of) moto jacket looks great with the drapey peplum top and fuzzy skirt. I doubt anyone but Lana could pull off that headband.

This last look is my favorite. Pigtails are a tad infantilizing but the bouffant and bows really make this work. Check the velvet pumps, too.

Does the thought of Autumn get you going or does it give you that “Summertime Sadness”?


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