On Repeat: Baby’s On Fire

Turns out that sometimes the stuff that people get to know from your (former) country isn’t top shelf culture. While South Africa boasts a high crime rate, beautiful beaches, District 9, Nelson Mandela, sharks (according to my Shark Week sources), and some Olympians, etc., it also offers the world Die Antwoord – which means “the answer” in Afrikaans.

Are they the answer? They’d like to think so. The rap/rave group Die Antwoord is composed of Yolandi Visser and Watkin Tudor Jones and they are like the Jersey Shore cast of the States, except that they actually rap and (in this video) are blonde.

“Baby’s On Fire” features Yolandi, mostly, which is preferable. Her voice is insanely high and she raps fast but the more you listen to it, the better it will be for you. Also recommended is having an Afrikaans translator listen to it with you again and again and again. The video is more of a story and it gives you a bit of a look-see into the lives of the less affluent white people of South Africa. It’s not entirely realistic since it is art and not a documentary but it is enjoyable, in an ironic way, nonetheless.

Listen to this song at least three times to appreciate its magnificence. And the hairstyles.

Swear words to come:


“Rich Bitch” is also tops.

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