Give Me a Break, Jeremy Renner

(Image via; care of Mary Cybulski/ 2012 Universal Studios)

Yes you, Jeremy Renner!

The much lauded thespian, star of modern classics like S.W.A.T., Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and The Hurt Locker, and the Avengers, has gone and criticized the Kardashians. This is no real shock as they are the targets of all sorts of press (good and bad; see Jon Hamm’s comments). Indeed there’s plenty to say about them: they’re exceedingly privileged; self-obsessed; press-hungry; materialistic, etc. Take your pick! But, on closer inspection, these don’t read much differently than anything you might say about a C list celebrity with his eyes set on the B or A list. Someone like Renner, for example. But he didn’t go there.


While promoting his film, The Bourne Legacy, (the 4th installment) he was interviewed by the Guardian. Renner “doesn’t hesitate to roll his eyes and make his disdain crystal clear” at the mere mention of the Kardashians. The “household name” (WHERE!?) goes on to say:

“Oh, all those ridiculous people with zero talent who spend their lives making sure everyone knows their name. Those stupid, stupid people.”


I am annoyed as hell that this little guy could say something so judgmental (and unintentionally ironic) in such a cavalier fashion. Jeremy, how much talent does it take exactly to make a squinty face and point a prop gun? (In 10+ movies?) Especially, when most of your dialogue is reserved to exhaling and or grunting. I’d say a little, to a lot, less than shooting hilariously cringeworthy “reality” television shows that have the world buzzing, amassing a following of 10s of millions of twitter followers, endorsing countless brands, raising families, all the while walking in sky-high heels. Renner is a grown man playing make believe and earning millions, the Kardashians are by most accounts doing the same thing (that is to say their shows are allegedly staged) and, somehow, they’re stupid?


Jeremy Renner’s road to stardom isn’t all that different from that of the Kardashian sisters (and their omnipresent Momager Kris Jenner). Both parties have a fondness for spandex and being photographed with more famous friends. Neither can carry a movie–not yet anyway. I suspect his issue is less to do with how un-talented the Kardashians are purported to be as much as how everyone came to know their name , i.e. sex. Renner’s narrative is presumably chock full of bits about financial hardship and determination (and the Kardashians’ with cock?) I think this boils down to  a good ol’ case of slut shaming, and that’s f-u-c-k-e-d–u-p.


The Kardashians be they “slutty” or “stupid” are still more successful (and interesting) than Renner can ever hope to be.

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