Why aren’t you listening to JJAMZ?

The unfortunately named JJAMZ is an equal opportunity indie-rock-pop group hailing from Los Angeles. The band is comprised of a who’s who of alt music icons, including: Z Berg (formerly of the Like), Alex Greenwald (formerly of Phantom Planet), James Valentine (of Maroon 5), Michael Runion (solo artist), and James Boesel (of Rilo Kiley and the Elected (who knows what the former’s status is these days)).

It should come as no surprise that this super group of sorts, we suppose it depends on who you’re asking, made an irresistible debut on the sunny Suicide Pact. But I was surprised, anyway…

Check out the video for the group’s first single “Never Enough.” It stars the aforementioned Z and United States of Tara star Brie Larson as a star-crossed romantic item:

Then check out their latest,”Heartbeat”–which is still available to download for free! You’ll see Z run from a kidnapper in a video that appears to be heavily influenced by cheesy b-movies. You know the kind, late 70s, early 80s cheerleader costume clad girls falling over themselves as they run from fate. How fun!

This is one pact you can’t break!

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