Miley Cyrus Debuts Terrible Haircut, We Laugh

(Image via HuffPost)

We get it, we g-e-t it. Miley Cyrus–she of chipmunk cheeks, high waisted jeans, and warbling pop hits (such as “Party in the USA”) fame– can’t (read: won’t!) be tamed. I woke to memes of Ms. Cyrus on tumblr with the above (atrocious) platinum pixie cut which makes her look like a cross between Ashlee Simpson and a Care Bear Cousin.

What was she thinking? Why do I care?

7 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Debuts Terrible Haircut, We Laugh

  1. oooh what was she thinking?? WhoEVER did that to her, and convinced her it looks good….they have a messed up sense of humor!

    1. Hi there. To clarify, though we really needn’t, we weren’t laughing at Miley Cyrus for donating her hair. We were laughing at the cut. Some people are meant to do daring things and look good doing so, others aren’t and don’t. Thanks for the comment.

  2. To Ashley: You can’t donate hair to a cancer charity UNLESS you have VIRGIN HAIR. Meaning: You can’t have dyed it previously. NOT EVEN HIGHLIGHTS. Get your facts straight. Look it up. So, why would she say that she donated it? To get kudos, of course. She and her publicists can say whatever they want, so that she looks better. But honestly…that hair looks a little bit jacked up.

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