Electra Heart– Marina and the Diamonds

Rhyme et Reason favorite Marina Diamandis and the Diamonds‘ sophomore album Electra Heart is available in the States after what seemed like forever. I might be exaggerating slightly, but for god’s sake, it was released in the UK in MARCH! And that’s ages in an online era. (Record labels really must stop being surprised with illegal downloading/piracy when they do stupid shit like that.)

I am happy to report that Electra Heart was worth the wait. Although, you shouldn’t expect a departure from the sound Diamandis carefully cultivated on her debut, The Family Jewels. That is not to say Marina hasn’t matured. Quite the opposite, really. In Electra Heart she deals with dark, dangerous stuff…introspection and biting social commentary. It’s evident from the very first song to the last that she has sharpened her tongue since 2010–though it remains firmly in cheek for the duration of the album. And that’s just fine because no one does clever pop songs quite like Marina. This time, however, everything’s a bit dancier–electronic influences abound in her latest iteration.

Marina admits the visuals behind Electra Heart are based on female archetypes like “housewives” and “homewreckers,” to name a few, but I’m not so sure these don’t permeate the sound as well. The track list reads like a syllabus in a feminist lit class–see “Power & Control,” “Sex Yeah” and “Bubblegum Bitch.” Look for standouts like, the genius single, “Primadonna,” “How to be a Heartbreaker,” and “Teen Idle”–where Marina rhymes “burning up a bible” with “super, super, super suicidal.” Well, Electra Heart is to die for.

Here’s what Marina herself has to say about the album, track-by-track:

Part 1

Part 2

Electra Heart is out now!

Marina and the Diamonds is currently supporting Coldplay and playing a few gigs (dubbed the Lonely Hearts Tour) on the East Coast–including DC tomorrow evening!

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