Quick Review: Hope Springs

Hope Springs (which comes out tomorrow, 8/8) starts out with Meryl Streep’s character in very obvious pain. She wants her life and marriage to get better but it’s an uphill battle, especially with a man so set in his ways. There are many laughs and awkwardly hilarious moments in this (for the most part) lighthearted comedy.

It was written by Vanessa Taylor who has written for Everwood  and Game of Thrones, both great shows. It did occur to me that maybe this movie would only really work in America because most of the world isn’t so prudish about the topic of sexuality. However, it works in this market so there’s no point worrying about that.

One could easily miss diagnose it as a frivolous romantic comedy but then you’d be missing a down-to-earth relationship movie. It does have it’s obvious moments but it’s more a movie about what happens after the romantic comedy has ended and real life has reared its normal head.


Tommy Lee Jones is excellent as always. He plays the boring accountant husband and father turned pain in the back neck. Kay, Streep’s character, wants something more than household appliances for her anniversary – she wants intimacy and for her husband to return to their bed. That wish takes them both to Maine, where Steve Carell counsels them into a makeshift marriage again. He gets the wheels turning and their loves sprouts back like grass in the spring.

Considering how much Jones doesn’t smile in this movie, it is nice to finally see him be something other than angry, frustrated, and shocked.

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