Somebody That I Used to Know… Because You Can’t Tell With Skinwalkers

True Blood season 5 Episode 8, Somebody I used to know contains spoilers! So lets queue up some Smokestack Lightnin’ and keep the spoilers for after the jump.

Now, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the sex scene with Alcide seems to be 100% fanservice, and since he’s pretty much gone his separate way from Sooki, he’s not really essential to the plot right now. The whole wolf pack conflict only matters because Emma is a werewolf and it would matter to Luna and perhaps Sam. Otherwise just make a spinoff, I’ll even write it if someone will produce it.

Hoyt proves he still has a heart, which makes me happy, but Jesus’s ghost makes me sad because I don’t see LaFayette moving on for the rest of the series. Don’t you hate when you get all dolled up and you don’t run into anyone you know, but when you become a vampire it’s like a fucking reunion? That’s what Tara must have felt when an old high school ‘Melissa’ turns up and gives her hell. Thankfully Momma Pam intervened and taught Tara a valuable lesson on tact. Be nice to bitches in public, but when you get them alone, glamour the hell out of em and have yourself a snack!

Bill has me concerned, as it’s never easy to tell what the hell he’s thinking. Is he pretending to be a Sanguinista or has he really gone to the dark side? Seriously, Bill has always been a tough character to read, as his actions usually preceded ulterior motives and probable good intentions. Now I’m really unsure. Also concerned for Eric’s life, as his obvious discontent for the group’s actions could have him beheaded quite soon. Sam and especially Luna/Sam was amazing, he did a great job playing as her. I was really hoping for a Sam/Sam kiss, not only because it would have been hot as hell, but I’d be hella impressed to see them pull it off. Oh well.

Sooki levels up and learns a new power, the ability to see into the past through someone’s eyes. But it seems like it backfires as she connects with the vampire, and since the vampire is still alive, Sookie psychically connects to him. I’m curious to see who Worlow is exactly, some random vampire that happened to kill her parents? And if she smells so good, why hasn’t he made more of an effort to find her? Not to mention Nadine’s involvement in the whole thing. Looks like fairy land just got a whole lot more interesting…

Body count for this episode–excluding Alcide’s pride after he gets thrashed–is a measly 1:

Jessica snapping the neck of a redneck, “There’s your fucking milkshake!”

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