Lana covers Nirvana

Lana Del Rey was in Sydney the other day and covered one of Nirvana’s most popular songs, “Heart Shaped Box”. She made it her own by just singing the way she does and not trying to imitate Kurt Cobain. Far less growl, much more howl – and strings. What’s the bet that Courtney Love is irrationally seething about this?

Nirvana is one of those polarizing bands that people are either really into or could give a flying fig about. Del Rey seems to be one of those people too so it’s only fitting for her to cover a song written by a guy who didn’t feel like he fitted in.

Which reminds me, shouldn’t LDR have a MTV Unplugged set by now?

The live version by Nirvana in the 90s:


Stereogum took some screenshots of Courtney Love telling Lana Del Rey that “Heart Shaped Box” was about Love’s vagina. Check out the messages here. They were soon deleted.

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