Lower Dens – “Nootropics”

Have you heard of Lower Dens? Their surreal sound, and Jana Hunter’s voice, is very similar to Beach House which, coincidentally, is the same city they are both from. Lower Dens’ ethereal, dark, and dream pop-py vibe swirl around into a very pleasing sound. It is hard to ignore the Beach House influence, though, even if it isn’t technically listed. A few songs on Nootropics have a faster tempo, like “Stem” (which has no lyrics) and “Candy”.

Hunter spoke to Paste Magazine in an interview and discussed a few things.

“The record’s not all about pills that we take to improve our capabilities, the record is about the drive in humans and to find an easy way to improve our lives versus coming to a greater understanding about ourselves and making decisions about our society and our lives based on the current understanding, decisions based on impulse much more often than sort of analysis and resulting understanding. When I encountered nootropics, it came to me with that kind of idea.”

(excerpt from the Paste Mag interview with Jana Hunter)

Listen to their album on Spotify. Their Tumblr is fun too.

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