RER Recommends: Calm and Collected

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Bonnaroo and included a few songs from artists that I was impressed by at the festival. Since then, I feel as if my life has been the complete opposite of a relaxing, meditative vacation in what is essentially a hippie state. Instead, I’ve been running around busy with everything under the sun.  As a result, the music I’ve been listening to is a reflection of the calm pace I’d prefer. Here are a few that have stuck out in my mind.

I first heard Keenan O’Meara on the YouTube channel of a roadie for the Avett Brothers. This roadie goes by the moniker CrackerFarm, and frequently posts behind the scenes videos of the Avetts practicing. Even though I love the Avetts, my favorite posts tend to be the videos of the Avetts’ friends- like O’Meara. His folk infused guitar plucking and soothing voice are the perfect combination for my stressed ears.

I really wish I could remember how I stumbled across Zoe Boekbinder.  Unfortunately, work sometimes leads me to some depths of the internet that prove difficult to return to after leaving. Anyway, Zoe Boekbinder has a beautiful voice and is an incredible lyricist. She uses a loop pedal for many songs, and this one is no different. The effect is mesmerizing.

The only way to explain this one is to mention my love affair with NPR. I regularly stalk of their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube…). I particularly love their Tiny Desk Concerts, and unfortunately never manage to hear them on the radio. I found this one on the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts YouTube Channel.  Apparently, I’m unusually fond of solo performances with loop pedals this week. Kishi Bashi  is a quirky, fun musician. After all, he beatboxes in his songs! I really love the violin being used along with the loop.

This final gentleman is actually another that CrackerFarm frequently features. I found him through other methods, but I liked this song and it happened to be posted by CrackerFarm. Langhorne Slim seems to fit the profile of musicians I’m partial to (if we’re going by appearance alone), and his music is quite nice as well. He’s a little harsher than the other folks I’ve included- but he’s still wonderful listen to.

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