Download Now: Corpse Craft for iPad

Corpse Craft for iPad ($0.99 currently) is an addictive hit set in an “Edward Gorey-inspired world.” The game combines Collapse with these corpses fighting, set in a Victorian and morbid world where two schoolboys hate each other. By playing the puzzle part of the game, you earn resources to go and fight Ralph and his entourage. It’s a tower defense game with a twist.

Edward Gorey’s illustrations are fantastic.

For anyone who has read the Gashlycrumb Tinies and enjoys dark humour, this game is a welcome distraction from the bright and cheery world of games such as Cut the Rope. The hand-drawn, Gothic feel of this wicked and macabre game add to its allure.

Tower defense games weren’t on my radar until I took a chance and downloaded Kingdom Rush. The graphics are slick and the challenge levels were so gratifying to beat.  I haven’t seen more levels, though, so I’ve had to try other ones. That game became my go-to-game because, honestly, I never made it through Angry Birds.

My problem with Angry Birds is that it is available on too many devices and nothing synced, although that may have changed by now. Too little, too late. I started on my iPod touch, then my iPhone, then Google+, then my Kindle, then my iPad. And I had to restart every single time. That, to me, is a colossal waste of time. I enjoy the fact that these days, my Words with Friends and Draw Something games are not different entities – they are the same everywhere. Imagine the frustration otherwise!

Seriously, though, Corpse Craft is a gem and is worth the dollar.

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