Pedal Party! Charm City Pedal Mill

Looking for an excuse to drink heavily? It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to book a tour to ride the Charm City Pedal Mill, a 16 seat bike that takes you around to several bars in the Fells Point area.

The bike comes from the traditional Fietcafes that are seen often in the Netherlands and Germany. For roughly $30 a person, this bike ride is quite the experience. Didn’t hit the gym before hitting the bar? No problem. You’ll get a workout from pedaling this baby over cobblestone to all of your destinations.  In addition, there are no cover fees at the bars and drink specials are offered.

This is the ONLY party bike on wheels in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. And, if you live in the Fells Point neighborhood like I do, you’ve seen the bike frequent the area on the weekends. It’s definitely something I would recommend for a group of at least 6 to try out. The more people, the easier it is to pedal.

Don’t worry, you won’t get a BUI (Biking under the influence). Since you’re only pedaling, you have nothing to worry about. Just hop on the bike, pump up the music and enjoy the ride!

Visit for additional info on pricing, FAQs and how to book your tour.

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