alexis morrell

Interview with the “Rural Hipster” Creator

In some places, you can barely throw a rock without hitting a hipster. Alexis Morrell, whom we have featured before (remember Pat?), made some very funny videos about the elusive “rural hipster” and has kindly featured them on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. She wrote, directed and stars in them, along with Megan McDermott.

Check out the first episode and then click here for the playlist to watch all of them.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what your latest projects have been?

My background is that I come from the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Easton) and I am now living in LA making TV/Films/Web stuff. I am surrounded by hipsters here and I’m surrounded by rural there. I was in the shower, where I do most of my singing and most of my thinking, and I thought it was a funny almost-oxymoron. I am now working on a couple other webseries ideas and I’ll be working on a USC thesis film “Venus in Furs” in July. Oh, I also go to USC SCA.

Where did your idea for “Rural Hipster” come from? Has it got anything to do with the “Rural Juror”?

I guess I addressed that in the first answer.  Did you say “Roar her, gem her?” That’s for all the real “30 Rock” fans.

Can we look forward to further episodes? 

If we shoot more, they’ll most likely have to take a new direction or wait until Winter break. My cohort in shooting these episodes, Megan McDermott is going to NYU this fall and tho we enjoy each other’s company… We’ll have to figure out the opposite-coast issues.

Were they meant to be super short?

They were originally supposed to be one longer short… But as I put it together there seemed to be double beats… I was trying to decide how to throw out the bath water but keep as many babies as possible… So it seemed like the best choice. Episode 4 has always been my favorite… I would really like to keep the stride from that episode if we do more.

What was the hardest part about filming it?

The microphone kept bouncing and making a noise like tiny gnomes were having sex on their tiny gnome bed. It was about 100 degrees, we had to bail the canoe, there were only two of us.

Alexis Morrell

Do you identify as a rural hipster?

I identify myself as a displaced old soul. I think my grandmother and I switched souls when I was born. She’s exactly 50 years (to the day) old than I and she seems young and I AM old.

Is there any required reading to become a hipster?

You should read the first 9 pages or just the headlines of any book you find on a historic political issue, Dorian Grey, Jane Austen, The NYT, or underground web-publication that you have found at intelligentsia or a used book store in the Village. Then pretend you’ve read the entire thing and could teach a 600 level class on the subject, if you were to break from your busy schedule to do so. Also, ignore everyone.

Would you like to add anything to the steps on how to be a hipster

Smoke cigarettes as if you invented them and do it around as many small children as you can stand.

alexis morrell

What’s your favorite snack of the moment?

I was enjoying Dunkin’ Donuts until I came back to LA. So thinking about those is snack enough.

If you could have anyone star in new episodes, who would it be?

Melissa McCarthy. She’s a genius. Loved her since Gilmore Girls.

Any shoutouts?

I’d like to give a shoutout to Mrs. White whose property we filmed at without any problems. She gave us free rein for NO FEE… She just said, “You can go anywhere on the property and have fun..! What are you shooting?” I said, “Oh, a little webseries comedy thing…” She said, “Oh, I thought you were going to hunt but I thought it was a bit early in the season.” — She was going to give us free rein to shoot anything… With guns. I love home sometimes.


Click here for the “Rural Hipster”

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