We’ll Meet Again… At a Fairy Swingers Party

Recap of True Blood Episode 4, Season 5. Spoilers ahead.

Jason has been so wrapped up with Jessica that he’s kinda forgotten about everyone else, and it’s like Sookie dropped a spoiler bomb on him. But at least Jessica could save both his and Sookie’s ass by going all Glam on Andy. Having a vampire for a friend would be totally awesome. Though having fairies for friends would be pretty rad too, because they sure know how to throw an amazing party. Andy hooks back up with his fairy lover from a while back, but what about Holly?

I can definitely see why Terry is fucked in the head, how could anyone not be after laying waste to civilians while high as a kite in the Middle East. That shit is messed up. And despite their training, they still get jumped in that pycho’s basement.  Good job guys.

News travels fast in small towns, though most of the things Sookie heard were still men thinking nasty thoughts. “Nice titties,” “I’d still hit that,” and what I think I heard was “I want to braid your fucking hair”? Freaky. But not as freaky as LaFayette putting a spell/curse on Sookie’s car. Looks like someone has anger management issues. Still no clue as to what happened to Jesus’ body, or maybe they just won’t let him back on set. Also this is the first time we see Sookie drink, and she is a fun drunk.

If you’re really feeling the mood, try making Tara’s special, an Orange Marzipan:

Triple Sec



And finally, that long awaited moment came in this episode. To be honest, I was crazy jealous of Anna Paquin because she got to make out with Joe Manganiello. So. Damn. Jealous. But I’ve waited since they introduced Alcide to the show for this, now there just has to be more. I demand fan service!

Body count:  3 (Excluding the flashback)

Shifters Suzanne and Evory were found with bullet holes in their head. But shot by whom?

Roman stakes Alexander when it comes to light that the child-like Authority member is a Sanguinista.

All pics via True Blood Wiki.

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