ReR Recommends: A different kind of Fourth of July playlist

Life in America is as sweet as apple pie. But then you get a traffic ticket in the mail. Or a government policy steps on your toes. The bellowy “Proud to Be An American” anthem is fine and dandy, but that’s not always reality. When you want to express discontent, this is the playlist for you.

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Discontent transcends sub-genres of punk. These 11 tracks span 25 minutes:

  • ‘Merican – Descendents
  • American – T.S.O.L (True Sounds Of Liberty)
  • 4th of July – U.S. Bombs
  • Baby, I’m An Anarchist! – Against Me!
  • Stars And Stripes – Circle Jerks
  • America – Sick Of It All
  • Fly The Flag – Stiff Little Fingers (I cheated; they’re Irish!)
  • Fuck Your Amerika – 7 Seconds
  • U S A – Reagan Youth
  • California Uber Alles – Dead Kennedys
  • Apple Pie & Police State – Choking Victim
Uncle Milo Wants You

Note: I mean no disrespect with this playlist, and I love my country. But when I’m feeling discontent, nothing can compare to channeling it through punk.

PS: If you’ve never sung this part of Baby, I’m An Anarchist by Against Me! around a campfire you need to get on that:

You watched in awe at the red, white, and blue on the fourth of July.
While those fireworks were exploding…
I was burning that fucker and stringing my black flag high

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