Just an idea. Bit extreme, though.

Having Adventures

Just an idea. Bit extreme, though.

There are many things you can do to be active that are not terrible. Exercise is necessary but is generally not the activity that springs to mind on a hot summer day. Activity is much more enticing if it can be deemed, “an adventure.” Adventures are usually defined as unusual experiences but, given that there can be something quite divine in celebrating the banal, my definition of an adventure is any outing in which you are trying to find something. Thus, an adventure could be “finding the best place to get chocolate croissants in Rockville” or “determining if this tulip garden I heard about on the bus really exists” or “walking into West Baltimore to buy paper towels.” These are just examples from my adventure repertoire and, as you can see, adventures can comprise varying levels of activity.

Experiences also count as things one could find on an adventure. I recommend thinking about something you enjoy or a topic that interests you and finding a way to experience it within 50 miles. I like astronomy and I once went online, found local astronomy clubs, drove out to Westminster one night, and made friends with a bunch of strangers in the dark. AND saw the rings on Saturn.

Inspired adventures are another good idea. Ransom a lawn ornament from your parents’ yard with photos of it enjoying a night out on the town. Or, under the vast category of literary-themed adventures, you could try playing croquet with plastic pink flamingos or have a picnic and mess about in boats. On the topic of literary-inspired food, what better way to enhance your adventure than by eating the type of food mentioned in fantasy epics? Apples, cheese, bread, honey, and cured meat are all ingredients for a good quest.

In sum, adventures are a compulsory requirement for leading a life filled with scientific exploration and for carefully crafting an exciting and spontaneous character. Well worth the trouble, I think.

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