For a Tuesday: Gratuitous Pictures of Nutella

It’s Tuesday. What is there to look forward to on a Tuesday? Well, this particular Tuesday you can stare at some pictures of Nutella lovin’.

The internet has taken an extraordinary liking to Nutella and we know why: it is delicious. Because it does not strictly fit into the daily diet of healthy foods (and what does, these days?), we will not be passing any out to our readers. Instead, we’re posting pictures from that blogging platform that we dare not speak of. If you have never tried it, use the Nutella Locator! You can also enter to win a case of it.

Who needs an excuse to post pictures of Nutella, anyway? compiled a list of things to do with Nutella.

Spread on a prepared pizza crust and top with sliced fruit and ricotta cheese.
Nestle in crepes with sautéed peaches and cream cheese or goat cheese.
Spread on the bottom of a tart crust and fill with a vanilla custard and top with berries.
Mix with ricotta cheese and orange marmalade and use to stuff French toast.
Make a pannini spread with Nutella and filled with slices of cheese and green apple.
Stir into softened ice cream and refreeze.
Puree with cream cheese and serve as a dip for apple or pear slices or even sticks of jicama.
Make a dessert Nutella quesadilla.
Use as a filing for sandwich cookies.
Spread on a tortilla and fill with a fruit salsa.
Warm and drizzle over angel food cake.
Use to frost dessert cakes.
Dollop in muffin or cupcake batter before baking.
Mix with a bit of chili powder or cayenne for a spicy spread.

Now, who wants to make us some Nutella infused brownies?

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