Instaglasses concept would give you Instagram vision

Reality isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes scattered papers on a desk or bland vegetables on a plate are nothing more than soul-crushing reminders of a mundane life.

But they don’t have to be.

Instagram, the explosively popular app Facebook bought for $1 billion proved photos of just about anything with filters applied could be deemed share worthy by more than 50 million users.

The app served as inspiration for Instaglasses: sunglassses that would filter from a person’s point of view, not an iPhone.

Instaglasses | Credit: Markus Gerke

Berlin designer Markus Gerke created concept sunglasses that allow the wearer to shuffle between popular filters on the frame and see their world in true Instagram style. Users could stay grounded by viewing the world as it is through one eye and filtered through the other. Then, whenever they experience an Instagram-worthy moment, capture it with the built-in 5-megapixel camera and share it without the need of a phone.

We don’t see how these sleek sunglasses can be equipped with a camera, buttons, a battery, memory, WiFi/3G capability and multiple filters integrated in the lenses in one lightweight package, but Gerke’s design is clever and forward thinking. See more of his concept in the Instaglasses gallery where he wrote he only wants to share his design and not produce it.

Despite these hurdles and the designer’s intentions, another group registered with an option to be notified of the site’s launch. These glasses are just a concept idea, but it seems as though some version of the Instaglasses vision could be available someday.

But we want to know: would you wear them?

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