Must See: “National Anthem”- Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has done it: she has secured her legacy as one of pop’s most daring provocateurs–and this is her first (official) album.

Not unlike like Lady Gaga, Del Rey has set in motion her own zeitgeist moment by re-imagining others; and it comes as no surprise to any of you that both are making quite the career of it.

The 7:40 minute-long music video for Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” is epic in scale and style. While the song itself is campy (Lana sounds a bit like Gwen Stefani as she purrs over a rather simple beat and the sound of bursting fireworks) the video skillfully revisits one of this nation’s most trying times, destroys and then recreates one of the most sacred “American” icons–the Kennedys. Watch out, Mr. President

With echoes of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” Lana’s “National Anthem” features an interracial relationship (rapper A$AP Rocky is LDR’s JFK), a few biracial children, and casts her in the roles of U.S. royalty and tragic figures: Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. (Hello, Freud!) It doesn’t take a gender studies degree to see that in doing so Lana’s confronting the virgin-whore/good girl-bad girl dichotomy. Of course, on screen, as in life, she’s simultaneously both and neither. But by the end the only woman you care to think of is Lana Del Rey. Oh, and that vignette where she’s in a bed of roses is sublime.

You have to see this. You MUST see this:

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