Drab Men or Mad Men? McDonald’s Tries New Look

Just look at those fake smiles. McDonald’s has opted for a “Mad Men inspired” look for a few restaurants in London for the Olympic Games. Instead, they should’ve called it “Drab Men” and hired Janie Bryant, the Emmy Award winner of costume design for Mad Men. They can’t all be as fashionable as Joan or Don but they could’ve been a bit more imaginative with the color choices.

They hired Wayne Hemingway of Red or Dead.

The main “crew”, who work behind the counters flipping burgers and frying chips, will wear polo shirts, in mustard yellow for the men and “gherkin green” for the women. Customer care assistants have check shirts with green dark green trousers or skits. Managers are in black and white, but with the female managers wearing a mustard yellow neck scarf. – via the Telegraph

I’m not a fan of the mustard yellow, “gherkin green”, or the fake smiles. The yellow works for Wes Anderson movies but doesn’t really fit in at a fast food joint. I’m glad they are trying something new, though. McDonald’s, like most big companies, needs a shake-up in dress code every once in a while.

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