10 Society6 iPhone Cases We Love

IPhone cases can be such a fashion statement, if used correctly. Obviously, if you’re only looking for protection then you’re going to go with the incredibly ugly and bulky Otterbox cases which are neither fashion forward or actually fool-proof. Society6 offers a ton of great (and reasonably-priced at $35) iPhone cases which will show off your style in no time. They don’t feel cheap, either.

Society6 is run on artists who resize their work to fit the standards of an iPhone skin or case. They make affordable art possible for the masses. Below are some iPhone cases which have animals on them. Perhaps at a later date we’ll show you all the radical ones with patterns on them. You’ll think that you’re looking through a kaleidoscope.

Click on the images to head to the site.

Fox in the Foliage by Teagan White
Warrior Owl by Rachel Caldwell
these diamonds are forever
by Bianca Green
Sirenas – Beautiful Bones
by Jessica Soon
Electro music
by Budi Satria Kwan
Virginia Smokes
by Adrienne Price
The Big Spill
by Eric Zelinski
by Haleyivers
Vintage Skull
by Ali GULEC
The Doctor is in….. ( Doctor Who )
by Adam James

We couldn’t leave out the TARDIS, for those fashionable dorks.

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