Yeasayer’s Fragrant World Tour

Yeasayer is doing all their fans a favor by giving out package deals to people booking tickets for their shows early, as well as ordering their new album, “Fragrant World”.

Their other song, released from the album, is “Longevity”. It’s far more subdued than “Henrietta”.

The video is very similar to the last one.

In their email, they listed out the options:

1.  Uber Deluxe Package:  Contains CD/LP/7″/Poster/T-shirt.  This is the Yeasayer motherload.  What we are really excited about with this package is the extremely limited 7″ (300 copies) that contains the title track “Fragrant World” that is not on the album — backed w/ a “No Bones” remix.  This 7″ is pressed with glitter in the vinyl (awesome!) and though it’s possible some of these 7″s may skip you have to remember this is art man!!!

2.  CD or LP:  For those of you who have enough clothes and are not interested in 7″ singles.  Includes free poster.

3.  T-shirt only:  For those of you who either feel music has no value or you actually visit record stores.

Do it all here, and more!

I suggest getting the Uber Deluxe Package.

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