DANCE BREAK: Get Off Your Can and Dance with Cheryl!

(I know, rough quality but YOU try getting a screenshot)

A few weeks ago (my guilty pleasure) Cheryl Cole performed a live set  for T4 which is no good for those of us (read: me) on THIS side of the pond. Thankfully, the whole thing has been put up on youtube–much to the dismay of my productivity.

There’s lots of popping and locking, hair tossing and midriff baring. Naturally, I’ve been playing the videos for hits like “Call My Name,” “Fight For This Love” and tracks from her new album A Million Lights including “Screw You (Featuring Wretch 32)” and “Under The Sun” nonstop here at work. Hey, you have to do something to keep filling excel spreadsheets exciting, amirite? It helps that these songs are so damn good, and I’m saying that with genuine surprise. It looks like the cliché “third time’s a charm” applies to A Million Lights and Ms. Cole…  Check out my favorites:

“Call My Name”

“Screw You (Featuring Wretch 32)”

“Fight For This Love”

Cheryl’s A Million Lights is out now. I’m ordering my physical copy!

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