Spotify Radio, coming to an iPhone near you

Spotify Logo
Spotify Logo (Photo credit: Dekuwa)

Listening to the radio just got easier, especially since you don’t need an antenna anymore. According to this Huff Post article, Spotify has joined the ranks of Pandora, Songza, and Slacker by offering a free radio service, albeit one with ads littered through it. They realized that people actually like sitting back and listening to songs

that comes on and being able to skip it if it is atrocious.

“We found those that use radio are really some of the most highly engaged users of Spotify,” said Charlie Hellman, Spotify’s vice president of product. “They stay longer and are more likely to upgrade.” via

In non-marketing terms, Spotify wants you to subscribe for $10 a month so that they get their worth out of you, but first they have to hook you. This is their way of luring you in.

I have been on the free month of Spotify for the last 20 days and while I like the service, having to manually manage my music when I just want to listen to a mix based on a genre is definitely a feature I thought was on the app already, but sadly couldn’t find. Lucky for me! I still have 10 days left so we’ll see how much I hate listening to ads on their radio before I plop any money down. 

Spotify is also connected to and Facebook. They send out your listening info which, they hope, in turn leads to more people using Spotify and their radio feature. Ka-ching!

Now we just need Google Play to get to this point.

Currently it is only available on the iPad and iPhone. Download it in iTunes.

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