Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks… Which One Are You?

There has always been a distinction between nerds, geeks, and dorks, though it is rather subtle and few can tell the difference. But for the sake of that distinction I write this so you can know which category you or your friends fit in and then you can call them out on it. First we have nerds, they are the smarty-pants of the bunch.


The kind of glasses-wearing know-it-alls that are very smart and may or may not be able to keep a lid on just how smart they are. For better or worse, they know more than you. Think along the lines of the nerds in Big Bang Theory if you still can’t quite picture them.


Geeks used to be just the same as nerds, but over time the meaning of ‘geek’ or ‘geeky’ has changed. This is in part because of Best Buy and their Geek Squad. Granted they are smart, but they have more roots in technology and gadgets. If you have computer problems, you get your geeky friends to help you out, by the same token they know what cables you need for your flatscreen tv and how to optimize your smartphone. They live and breathe tech.

And finally we have dorks, the easiest to tell apart from the other two. Dorks are gluttons for movies, video games, comic books and the like. Fantasy, sci-fi, anime and everything in between. In a sense they’re the most culturally savvy of the three, but it’s not exactly the most mainstream culture. They’re the kinds to debate which super hero would win in a fight, or make unnecessary Lord of the Rings references in daily conversation.

Now a person can be any combination of the three, as it’s rare to find someone in a stand-alone category. I consider myself a geeky dork, but I only delve into incredibly dorky conversations with my fellow dorky friends. Otherwise you’d just think I’m a normal guy. So what are you?

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