Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Renaissance Man

What’s not to love about Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL)? He seemingly does it all. From music, to acting, to writing, to just being the gosh-darned friendly guy you wish you knew in real life. He was in 3rd Rock from the Sun and in Brick, Inception, and (500) Days of Summer. He’s going to be a bike messenger later on in the summer and he’s also in that heavily advertised Batman flick coming out soon. If you missed it, he’s also in that entirely too cute video with Zooey D.

He’s earnest and funny without being cocky, which is a feat that we should all recognize. And he asks you, oh dear reader, to contribute to his projects because you love him. Or, perhaps you just have an urge to create and collaborate. JGL is big on Tumblr, where he regularly sends out video messages in the dark to those avid fans who want news of his exploits. is his brain-child, a place that you can check out projects and contribute. It’s a for-profit business and if the projects make a profit, he shares that with you. As he says in the video on the homepage, “You don’t make movies to make money. You make movies to make money for more movies.” Or something along those lines.

Check out the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories books and see what you can do with these splendiferous creators of entertainment.

Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date – The Zeppelin Zoo
Photo by Michal

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