Authority Always Wins… Well, Not Really

Brand new baby vampire Tara is one of the scariest vampires I’ve seen on this show. She was a rage-filled human before she was turned, and now she’s got inhuman speed and strength, so I can’t wait to see who else gets in her path because it’s gonna be a bloodbath. Oh, and props to Rutina Wesley (Tara) for owling on a sink.

Genius sheriffs Jason and Andy slowly start to unravel the case of the abandoned car, but I wonder if they’ll really figure it out without Sookie spilling the beans about blowing Debbie’s brains out and then disposed of the body. In other small-character plot news, Arlene starts doing some digging of her own into Terry’s past to try to figure out why he’s having flashbacks of Resident Evil 5.

Steve Newlin is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a gay male vampire in the show, and socially inept Steve is just fun to watch. But at the same time, there’s a whole lot more going on with him than they’ve really let us know so far, like whoever his creator is must be a big player pulling the strings from the shadows. Also climbing up my list of favorites is Pam, who I always just wrote off as a sassy bitch before with great lines, but now that we’ve started to see some of her past, her emotional  depth is coming out–Kristen Stewart could take a lesson.

I don’t understand why Bill, Eric, Nora and that baby-eating freak vampire didn’t just hide under the beds when they turn the UV lights on. Or why they didn’t pull the blanket off the bed. Vampires can be really thick sometimes. Also, I was tickled that Alexander Drew delivered his line like a pro. The fact that a ten year old is on the council of the Authority is kind of awesome.


And then we have the wolf pack with Reba McEntire trying to recruit her granddaughter for the wolfpack, but only just after she wipes off her son’s blood and guts off her lips. But how could you turn over such a cute wolf pup to a gang of bikers and punks?


Body count for this episode is a whopping zero, not even extras were harmed in the making of this episode. Pics are courtesy of the good folks at the True Blood wiki–a great way to brush up on the many, many characters who have come to fill our little town of Bon Temps.

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