Opinion: A Monumental Waste

The following is from an anonymous contributor. Comment with your own opinions.


The headline reads, “Obama Campaign, Democrats Raise $60 Million in May.”  To quote PBS Newshour, “Republican National Committee announced later Thursday morning they raised more than $76.8 million in May. The release said the campaign and RNC have $107 million in the bank.”

And people are without jobs, or underemployed, uninsured, essential services are being downsized, but – what the heck – let’s feed the monstrous political machine instead.

Nowadays the political campaigning starts two years before the election. We have, in effect, only two parties, we are so entrenched in the political status quo that no other party really stands a chance since they are routinely denigrated as crackpots, supposedly existing on the fringes of society while they hug trees and raise goats.

The whole pony show needs only two weeks, in my opinion, instead of this vastly expensive, endlessly boring and unentertaining saga we are subjected to in the name of democracy. Other countries manage to get by without this endless and long-winded campaigning, and they elect their leaders just as effectively and without needing movie stars to raise funds to feed their egos and their coffers.

It is sickening to think of all the money wasted, all the millions spent on advertising and campaigning. The scandals and the mud-slinging, come on folks, it’s like bullying all grown up;  it’s a poor example and intelligent people are not impressed by it.

Let’s put the money to better use, for America’s sake. There are firemen who have lost their jobs, veterans who need to be working to support their families, and teachers who are not paid nearly enough for the work they do. I know the money donated to the campaigns won’t right all the wrongs, but if the 1% can lavish money on a campaign, can they not send some more of their loose change to help the economy?

2 thoughts on “Opinion: A Monumental Waste

  1. i agree with everything but the use of president obama’s photo above. the republicans are to blame for most of this mess (see citizens united: http://www.npr.org/2012/06/18/155148102/citizens-united-gets-renewed-scrutiny).* mitt(ens) romney’s smug-ass is far more emblematic of democracy off-the-wheels. if u.s. elections really are to be bought and sold (as if they weren’t before) we’ll be seeing far more of him and his patronizing white businessmen kind on the scene to “clean up the mess” they created in the first place.

    *the blame doesn’t stop there of course…

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