Ignition Zero is ready to lift off on Kickstarter

Ignition Zero is an urban fantasy webcomic featuring a diverse and often queer-identified cast of characters!

Noel Arthur Heimpel, who we have featured before, is garnering support for the physical book of his online comic, Ignition Zero, on Kickstarter. His attention to detail, watercolor prowess, and storylines involving … let’s just copy and paste what it says on the Kickstarter page:

Ignition Zero isn’t about having an LGBTQetc identity, but some of the gender identities and sexual orientations among the major characters include asexual, panromantic, homoromantic, pansexual, genderqueer, transgender, lesbian, straight, aromantic, and a couple other things besides!

The original comic pages are 9″x12″ on 140lb watercolor paper. As he says in the video and as any painter knows, the materials are expensive. All the better to support an artist who deserves it.

Plus, if you pledge $100 or more, you will appear as a character in the book. That’s great for all you egomaniacs out there. You can be almost as cool as Chloe with a whole comic book dedicated to her.

Tweet about it. Pledge now! And follow Noel on Tumblr.

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