Some of you may be catching wind of a story about some state level Michigan Republicans huffing and puffing because a female representative said the word “vagina” on the floor of the House.

Ignore this story. It is a sideshow.

Instead, please turn your attention to this guy. His name is Bruce Rendon, and he is a state representative from a tiny little backwater town in northwest bumble-fuck Michigan with a population of less than 1000.

Bruce Rendon is not an evil man, just a simple one. He has an associates degree in how to draw a straight line. He’s in the construction business just like his daddy used to be, and his idea of a god-fearing good time is judging dairy cows at county fairs. That’s fine. The world needs men who pin prize ribbons on cattle, but those men should not be given the power to legislate complex bioethical issues, because that’s how wars on women get started.

You see, this pointy-headed numnard recently introduced House Bill 5711, a ham-fisted piece of legislation that’s being called the nation’s worst anti-abortion bill. All the ridiculousness on the floor of the Michigan House is a direct result of this ignorant piece of draconian drivel.

It’s unsophisticated men like Bruce Rendon who in their righteousness are fucking things up for the rest of us, and though he may not be an evil man, that doesn’t make him any less an enemy, and I personally believe it’s always a good thing to know your enemy’s name.

Go fuck yourself, Bruce Rendon.

What's your response?

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