“Conquest” – The Sound of Arrows

This has the delicious beginning that reminds me of the openings of songs from the … 90s? “Conquest” is a stand out song from the Swedish band The Sound Of Arrows‘ debut LP Voyage.  A couple of years ago, their song “M.A.G.I.C.” got a lot of buzz on music blogs. It wasn’t my favorite but their video for it won Best International Music Video at the Spanish Musiclip Festival.

The soundscapes are otherworldly and mysterious, just like the video. Seriously, everything is in slow motion. I don’t think you can really go wrong with slow motion set to music.

Well, at any rate, it reminds me of the rather decidedly less good 1999 Cosmicity song “Orange (Dance Mix)” which hovers along the same line and also recalls an earlier day. I’m not sure that “orange” is a great line to repeat but hey, it works.


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