Visit Philly for the Chocolate!

Philadelphia skyline.
Philadelphia skyline. (Photo credit: Flodigrip’s world)

Philadelphia offers more than meets the eye. For example, there are old bells and buildings there! There are duck boat tours! Street art! Ladies with cats in strollers!  Chocolate walking tours!  I never thought that I’d pick Philadelphia as a day trip destination but when Max Brenner is available in a city, you just have to go. Next places on my list are NYC, Boston, and Las Vegas.

Choosing to be a tourist in your own area can be interesting. Why should you visit Philadelphia? There’s a lot of culture in this city. It’s not all necessarily that interesting if you aren’t a tourist from across the pond but if American history gets you up in the morning, you should visit.

The Liberty Bell is cracked (spoiler!), Betsy Ross‘ house is exciting if you want to know where she is buried, and Ben Franklin’s influence is palpable from the post offices to the green fence surrounding his grave. And if you’re lucky like I was, you’ll be in Philly at the same time that Will Smith is. You can tell because his father puts American flags outside his house when his son is visiting.

There are really a lot of things to see or do in Philadelphia, as evidenced by this Google map.

Who is this handsome fella?

On the Delaware River
They even have wildlife!

Max Brenner is an Israeli restaurant focused on chocolate. The first time I had it was in Australia and, immediately, I couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it is. I’m surprised I haven’t told you all to go there before. Everything is just the way you imagine a chocolate to be. It’s quirky, sophisticated, and divine.

They  have “hug mugs”, “Alice cups” and “kangaroo cups” that are all delightful ways to indulge. It’s not overly expensive, for a treat, either.

Italian hot chocolate in a hug mug is perfect for any occasion.
A feast of deliciousness.
White chocolate, caramel, and milk chocolate galore.

In case you thought I was kidding about the cats in strollers…

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