“Only the Horses”- Scissor Sisters

There’s a short list of things I like more than pop music. At the very top (maybe near the top is a closer approximation) of said list you’ll find horses. So, as you can imagine, when the two combine I pretty much can’t help myself. Such is the case with Scissor Sister‘s latest single “Only the Horses” from their just released album, Magic Hour.


“Only the Horses” is a glittery glimmering disco-influenced song that you’ll be hearing loads of this summer, especially if you frequent gay bars or Europe. This song makes me think of Joe McElderry’s “Ambitions” (lead singer Jake Shears affects the same falsetto) and the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” (mostly because there aren’t a lot of pop songs which mention horses) only more upbeat. (Yes, I realize in the RS song the “wild horses couldn’t drag [Mick Jagger] away” while SS’ horses “can bring [them] back home.” So they aren’t really similar at all… but you know what I mean.)


Check out the video. There’s lots of shots of white horses running through the desert (WHAT ELSE COULD YOU ASK FOR?!) plus some bizarre-ass pyramid thing which spews some sort of playdough (play-doh®) looking stuff at the end:


Also, FYI, Jake Shears has said he’d write for Girls Aloud if and when they ever get their asses back in the studio. If he makes them sing about ponies I will probably self-combust.


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