The Brits Love Their Queen

If you were in the neighborhood of anything British this weekend, you heard about the Diamond Jubilee taking place to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 year reign. The upper crust donned their suits and dresses, put their fancy hats on, and waited expectantly for something marvelous to happen. Here are some photos from The Telegraph that show the tone of the day. The celebration is not over yet but watching a flotilla of ships on the river Thames is, thank goodness. That was a rainy mess if ever there was one. Where were Girls Aloud or at least ReR favorite Cheryl Cole performing for Her Majesty?

All photos thanks to The Telegraph.

The Royal barge, ‘Spirit of Chartwell’ carrying Queen Elizabeth II
So many smartphones and cameras kind of ruin the photo.
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip
It seems like it was quite the spectacle.
The whole time she was saying “I’m on a boat!”
The Thames River

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