Death at a Wedding

There aren’t nearly enough horror shows on television these days, and I’m not talking cable. And though it ran for only one season on CBS in 2008, Harpers Island is like a Agatha Christie novel gone horribly, horribly… right.

Many may recognize the character Henry from Ugly Betty in his new role in Harper’s Island as… Henry. The show focuses on a wedding party heading to Harper’s Island, where seven years ago a man named John Wakefield brutally murdered seven people, and all but one of the guests have moved on from the island’s dark past. Though the first murder occurs even before the boat leaves the dock. Blood and guts from the get-go, the wedding party starts getting picked off one by one by by an unseen killer.

Though there was only one season of the show, it’s definitely worth adding to your Netflix queue. The twists and turns and overall creepiness of the flower girl makes this a great show to watch, curled up on the couch during a dark and stormy night.

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