Fifty Shades of Great


Unlike the Editor in Chief of Rhyme et Reason, I think Fifty Shades of Grey is not gross (read her post here) , it’s actually quite great.

Forget about the strange verbage and repetition of parts and phrases. I’ve yet to hear someone say they thought the book was boring. If it was…read on. I started the trilogy last week, finishing the first book in 15 hours and the second one a day later.

Why is it interesting? Because it’s not what most would consider a “normal” sex life. It’s intriguing, and opens up a new realm of bedroom opportunities –regardless of whether you’re dying to try the BDSM lifestyle  or cringe at the thought.

Even if you don’t agree, at least maybe you can learn more about this behavior to better understand why some choose to engage in a dominant/submissive relationship.

An article written in the Washington Post even indicates that the book  is having a positive impact on women’s sexual health and wellness. A research scientist at Indiana University says that Fifty Shades “is getting a lot of people thinking and talking more openly about sex, sexuality, desire and interest.”

As we all have heard time and time again, there is a direct correlation between a healthy sex life and happiness.

Barbara Walters seems into it…

Laters, baby.

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