The Best Ways to Find New Music

Everyone gets bored with what they’re listening to and, inevitably, want to listen to new stuff. Finding the good new stuff can be a trying process, though. Here are a few ways to find new music that doesn’t suck.

This site, which is also available on the iPad as an app, shuffles through music blogs that contain mp3s, Soundcloud, and YouTube links, amongst others. You can try all sorts of different genres of music, which is helpful. You can shuffle our site by clicking the link below. You can sign in via Twitter or Facebook.
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Turntable is a bunch of hipster personalities (and people who just spend a lot of time online) who think that they know what “good” music is. You will find some gems on there and, if you hang out in the Indie rooms (there are a lot of them), you’ll hear stuff that you won’t ever hear on the radio.

They also have Top 40 and other special rooms where you can just listen without having to put effort into what you’re listening to. What makes this cool is that you, yourself, can DJ in a room of your choice. People thumbs up or thumbs down your choice and the more points you get from that means you can upgrade your avatar. It tries to make it fun.


Icon by Pedro Arilla

You can download Spotify for free and get ads or sign up for a monthly fee and get access on your mobile devices, sans ads. Spotify offers a radio feature which can be useful in finding music that is already similar to your tastes. has tried to do this too. Artists who have music on Spotify aren’t always the happiest bunch because Spotify pays fractions of pennies every time a user plays one of their songs. It keeps my conscience clear because at least they’re getting compensated. Still, it seems like there is a better way to pay them for their work.

Spotify is also a really easy way to see what your friends are listening to because you sign in through Facebook. If all your friends listen to the same stuff you do, then I guess you’re out of luck.  We also, conveniently, have a few playlists for you to listen to, which will whet your appetite for new stuff.

Hype Machine

Hype Machine and are both websites that take trending music and make it easy for you to access the content. You can track down songs you like to blogs that host the songs and find out more from them.

As always, we encourage you to purchase music from the artist and not to steal from them. Stealing is bad. Support the artists. Attend their shows. Buy their music and their merch.

How do you find new music? Is it solely through your friends’ recommendations?

What's your response?

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