Senior week. Alcohol poisoning. Seagulls. 10th anniversary. Bands, beer & bud.

This pretty much sums up last weekend in Asbury Park, New Jersey where the 10th anniversary of Bamboozle took place.  Headliners Incubus, Skrillex, Foo Fighters, and Mac Miller performed on the main stage on Friday.  Saturday headliners included Foo Fighters and My Chemical Romance. Blink 182 was set to headline, but was replaced by MCR when Travis Barker had to go and get a stupid “emergency” tonsillectomy. Just kidding, Trav, we still love you. But My Chemical Romance? Really? Anyways. Sunday headliners included Bon Jovi, Brand New and The Gaslight Anthem (who are they?) Really awesome 3 day festival showcasing the talents from famous bands to those getting little exposure. What could possibly be better than drinking on a board walk and actually digging your toes into the sand when Wish You Were Here by Incubus played live?

Other popular bands included All American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, and Mike Posner. For a full list of bands that performed, check out the lineup.

The Foo Fighters played another kick-ass show.  After the show they hopped onto their private jet and flew to NY where Mick Jagger was waiting for them to perform with him on Saturday Night Live.

Despite the annoying high schoolers and Jersey-Shore types, Bamboozle was a blast. What a great time to gather with many types of people, all ages and celebrate music-new and old.

Although I really did enjoy Skrillex and that type of techno-dubstep music, I truly fear that the next few generations will forget about 90s alternative that created the stepping stone for all of the type of bands out there.  We still appreciate classic rock and oldies today, but will 80s and 90s  music carry over to the next generation?

What's your response?

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