Fashion: Carnivorous Earring by Kabiri

Can you ‘ear’ me now? Good. If I had 245 Euros to lay down on this Carnivorous Earring, you can bet that I’d do that. Lisbeth Salander would go more hardcore and have this made into an actual earring and not just a cuff. She wouldn’t dabble in anything but silver, either. It’s yellow gold-plated on brass, so it’s probably not worth that price. The design, though. That is such a cool thing to put on your ear. It’s hand-made, too.

They could  have gone too far and made it look like some trashy Bluetooth device, but they have some decency. After all, it was made in Paris. I don’t know when this came out but I want it.

Buy it now at Kabiri. Feel free to buy me one too, while you’re at it.

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