A CATCALL You Want to Hear!

(Image via catcallmusic.com)

I rarely listen to things iTunes tells me, but I made an exception when I saw CATCALL’s debut, The Warmest Place, in my list of recommendations. CATCALL (government name: Catharine Kelleher) is another in a seemingly endless queue of Aussies and Kiwis making waves here in the States (see: Kimbra, Gotye, Cat Torres, et al). As if there was ever any doubt, we are now certain that something’s up Down Under!


At first listen her music might remind you of a weird Best Coast- Sleigh Bells baby. But, I have to say, CATCALL is better than both acts. For one, while summery, her sound is decidedly less whiny than a one Betheny Consentino. And CATCALL doesn’t depend on loud noises to make you take notice. Check out her video for “The World Is Ours” to see what I mean:


This CATCALL is not to miss! The Warmest Place is out now.


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